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  • Full Package of Podbot mm contains:
    pbmm_v3 Docs
    Bots Chats
    dll, i386.so, amd64.so.

    Compatible with CS 1.5, CS 1.6 and Condition Zero.

    Size: 4.0 MB
    File Type: .Zip (WinZip / WinRar) Linux and Win32 Compatible.
    Download: Click Here

    All-In-One contains the following:
    Bot Chat languages
    dll, i386.so, (amd64 Not supported) - podbot mm
    Meta Mod
    AMX Mod X with plugins:
    Chicken Mod etc...

    Compatible with CS 1.6 and Condition Zero. CS 1.5 users have to disable CSDM 2.1 plugins to disable loading CSDM2 module (it is crashing CS1.5 !!!).

    Size: 10.0 MB
    File Type: .Zip (WinZip / WinRar) Linux32 and Win32 Compatible.
    Download: Click Here

    To see Changes of the latest Beta Please visit: v3.0 Updates Topic

    FormatFile TypeLatest BetaDownload Link
    Windows.dll Latest beta Download
    Linux .so Latest beta Download
    AMD64 Linux .so Latest beta Download
    Latest Sources.cpp Latest Beta Download

    To play with bots on your favorite maps those maps must have waypoints.
    Waypoints must be placed in the podbot/wptdefault folder.
    The names of the waypoints must be exactly named as the map is (or pbmm will not be able to find it).

    Some of the first waypointers were some of the best.
    SoulFather and T-Wrecks tweaked and edited waypoints for the cs1.6 official Maps

    T Wrecks and Biohazard were going crazy on waypointing stuff up the Ying-Yang.
    50 Waypoint Pack:

    Czero Fans also need to have Official Map waypoints, Don't worry T Wrecks took Care of you:
    Czero Pack 1: Download
    Czero Pack 2: Download

    Podbot mm Custom 40 Waypoint Pack By SoulFather and T Wrecks.

    More Waypoints:

    For more waypoints by T Wrecks, SoulFather and BioHazard Visit the PodBot MM Waypoints Filebase.

    You can either make waypoints on your own, or you can request them in the bots-united waypoint forum or at cfegames.com
    You can almost find waypoints for Podbot mm anywhere on the web. Search google for your map name and you'll probably find a waypoint for it.

    A new place has been opened to download maps and waypoints CFEGames.com.
    You can requests waypoints at CFEGames.com or the Bots-united Waypoint Forum.

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    © 2000 Podbot Markus "Count Floyd" Klinge
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