• Credits Valve No game, no bots. Thanks to these guys for retailing the game. Jeffrey "Botman" Broome Creator of the first bot. He figured out how to put bots into CS. Markus "Count Floyd" Klinge Creator of PODBot. Released the source code so bots like this one can be derived from his. Pierre-Marie Baty Created this cleaned up derivative of PODBot and maintained it for a while. Splorygon Maintainer after PMB. Creator of the new manual. KWo Beta-tester and a pusher in adding features into this bot. Current maintainer for this bot. Whistler Contributed numerous bits of code and bug fixes. SoUlFaThEr High quality waypointer and helped with the creation of the new waypoint editor. >BKA< T Wrecks High quality waypointer and creator of the waypoint section of the manual. Ancient Creator of the the new www for podbot mm. Latest (and laziest ) waypointer. biohazerd87 Waypointed numerous custom maps for the users of this bot. Austin The creator of the new waypoint editor. Huntakillaz Prepared the first manual for this bot. runab0ut Prepared the first logo for this bot. >NvT<_KaszpiR_ Linux beta-tester and helps distribute this bot. Bots-United Members Beta-testers. You Thank you for using this bot. Stop reading and go frag some bots!